A BabyStory Amarillo




Seeing your unborn baby is sure to touch your heart. 
Now you can take a sneak-peek at your baby with the latest 3D/4D fetal imaging at Dr. John David's office under the expertise of registered sonographer Diane Wieck.  This session provides a bonding experience for you, your family and guests with your baby. 
This sonogram does not replace any necessary medical  fetal sonogram required by your doctor.
A Babystory Amarillo will record this non-diagnostic 3D/4D sonogram to preserve this magical moment for a lifetime. 

Using 3D/4D ultrasound technology allow you to see your baby in live 4D motion.  In most cases you will get great pictures of your baby. However, it may not always be possible depending on the baby's position, baby's age, amount of amniotic fluid, placenta location and mother's body habitus.  We will make every effort to obtain the best images possible.
Ultrasound has been used safely in Obstetrics for over 35 years. There has never been a harmful effect shown to baby or mother from the use of ultrasound.  A Babystory Amarillo uses only qualified registered sonographers.

We are overseen by board certified OB/Gyn - Dr. John David. 

We are the  first to offer 4D sonograms in Amarillo, since 2002.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact:
     Diane   806-679-3835